You'll Never Guess What Sarah Hyland Wants to Do to Her Hair

Plus, the best beauty advice Sofía Vergara has ever given her.

Sarah Hyland Shares Her Secret Hair Wish
(Source: Sara Jaye Weiss)

Whether you know Sarah Hyland as the bubbly Haley Dunphy on Modern Family or as a budding fashion and beauty icon in her own right, it's safe to say the 24 year old has carved out a spot on our "dream BFF" list. And when we sat down with Hyland at Hawaiian Tropics Escape Station to learn more about the new Hawaiian Tropic Island Sport, our fangirl radar went through the roof.

You work with some amazing women on Modern Family.  What are some of the best beauty tips they've shared with you over the years? 

"Sofía [Vergara] told me to never pluck my brows. I'm like, 'Girl, I got to tame these babies.' She's like, 'Don't ever pluck your brows, they never grow back!' I don't wax my brows, I just tweeze the stray hairs that come down. In my head shots from when I was 13 years old, you can clearly see that I did not know what a tweezer was. I was like, 'I get what you're talking about, Sofía, because you don't want me to have those really, really thin brows, but I'm good!'"

You've surrounded yourself with some really great girl friends as well. If you ladies are going out for a night, what does your "going out" routine look like?

"We were just in Vegas last weekend, and so we were just playing music. I have really talented friends. My friend Katie is a singer, so we're just coming up with harmonies for songs, messing around, borrowing makeup from each other, comparing boobs—what girls do!"

If you could try any beauty trend and know it would look great on you, what would you do?

"I'd shave my head."

You'd shave your head?! Just because?

"Maybe like what Kelly [Osbourne] has right now."

Oh so like an undercut?

"Yeah, maybe a side thing, if I could try anything. I would try it. I would so try it. I have small ears—it could totally work!"

What are some beauty faux pas you look back on now and go, "Wow, that did not work"?

"My hair was the same length for such a long time. No layers! I hated it."

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