9 Fun Ways To Style Your Oxford Shirt

It's no longer just a work staple.

When you think of your button down shirt, you might not think the words "show stopper." It's just a normal, collared shirt - the kind you wear underneath blazers and match with prim little pencil skirts. But it has so much more potential than that. The oxford shirt doesn't need to be earmarked for the nine to five grind - rather, it can be the perfect layering piece for unexpected items in your wardrobe. Take a look below and see just what I mean - here are nine fun ways to style your oxford shirt!

1. Pop It Underneath A Pinafore

Class up your throwback pinafore by layering an oxford shirt underneath. It'll give the grade school staple a grown up feel when you have a button down rolled up at the sleeves and buttoned to the chin.

2. Match It With Bell Bottoms

While it can be tempting to pair your bell bottoms with crochet tops and playful crop tops, give the '70s staple a modern touch by matching it with an oxford shirt. The outcome will be this fun, '70s college student vibe. 

3. Accessorize With A Bandanna

You can give your button down a flirty touch by leaving the first couple of buttons unbuttoned and then tying a bandanna all Parisian style around your neck. It's classic, yet playful.

4. Cinch It With A Belt

The norm is usually to tuck a button down into the waist of your skirt, but why don't you try playing with a different type of silhouette? Leave the shirt hanging out, and then cinch it at the waist with a belt to create a prim, lady-like type of look.

5. Tie It With A Ribbon

Give your blouses a quirky touch by taking a velvet ribbon and tying it into a bow around the collar. It's equal parts vintage and equal parts offbeat.

Button ups don't only work underneath sleeveless dresses - they also look amazing underneath short sleeve frocks. Take a collared shirt and roll up the sleeves above your elbows to avoid the angsty, double-shirt-wearing look we used to rock in middle school.

7. Use It As A Layering Piece

Whether you take a longer men's oxford and turn it into a shirt dress or simply pear a normal button down with a bit of a crop top, a great way to give the white staple new life is to turn it into a layering piece. Let the ends stick out from underneath a shorter blouse to give it a slightly disheveled look.

8. Pop It Underneath Overalls

10 Fun Ways To Style Your Oxford Shirt
Marlen Komar

If you want to dress up a pair of laid back overalls, simply match them with a prim looking oxford shirt. It'll elevate it a couple of levels in the chic department. 

9. Play With Turbans

It's always fun to pair items with unexpected accessories! For example, pairing a work staple like a button down with a playful, vintage turban is slightly out of left field, which is why it makes it so interesting. Juxtaposition in outfits leads to creative looks!

Marlen Komar is a writer living in Chicago with a penchant for mom jeans and kimchi tacos, and primarily writes about fashion history. She has bylines in Bustle, CNN Style, Racked, Allure, Curbed, and Apartment Therapy, and rarely stays in one place too long as she travels for most of the year. Website: marlenkomar.com