Nicky Hilton Styles Her New Handbags with 5 of Fall's Hottest Trends

Nicky Hilton talks with us about how to pair a style from the 'Nicky Hilton x Linea Pelle Capsule Collection' with must-have Fall trends this season.

Nicky Hilton teamed up with Linea Pelle on a new handbag collection created for the fashionable girl on-the-go, each piece is stylish and practical for everyday wear. The 'Nicky Hilton x Linea Pelle Capsule Collection' is ultra chic and the price point is super reasonable for these high-end bags.

We talked with Nicky about her latest collection, teaming up with Linea Pelle, and how to pair the styles with must-have trends this season.

Livingly: What inspired you to collaborate with Linea Pelle on this collection?

NH: "I love to collaborate with brands whose products I love and I have been wearing Linea Pelle since high school. When the idea came about last year to collaborate, I got excited because I love handbags, I started [designing] them at 17 and it’s a real passion of mine and I love what LP does. I think they have great quality and great prices, so I was excited to collaborate with them for the Capsule Collection."

Which style from the 'Nicky Hilton x Linea Pelle

Capsule Collection' would you pair with the following Fall trends:

Ankle booties:

"The Waldorf Canteen in leopard - it's such a fun shape with a cool pop of color."

"I'm a huge fan of ankle booties, I have many, many pairs but I find myself wearing my classic black ones. Pair them with skinny jeans, leather leggings or tights and a dress - but mostly I love tights and a dress with ankle booties."

Nicky transitions the look from day to night by tucking in the straps and carrying the Waldorf as a clutch instead.

Cropped blazers:

"I think the Chateau satchel, which is my modern take on the doctors bag. It's classic and it's sophisticated."

Chunky knit sweaters:

"I love the backpack, the Roosevelt, paired with skinny jeans - you know, just hang the backpack on one shoulder over the sweater."

Backpacks are super 'in' right now and we love how Nicky took the style a step further and designed a luxury leather style with silver hardware - and the chained straps are super chic. Layer over your favorite chunky knit for an edgy twist to the classic, comfortable season favorite.


"I love pairing leather with flannel, I think that looks really cute. Or a turtleneck sweater dress, I think that would look really cute with the Mercer tote which I have been wearing a lot lately."

Animal prints (specifically the leopard-print styles from the collection):

"One of my favorite, favorite colors to pair with leopard is army green. I don't know why I just love it and I think it looks really cool. I really love wearing my army jacket with one of my leopard bags."

"I think one accessory should be the star of the outfit. If you're wearing a leopard bag, pair it with a cool black hat or an army green-colored scarf."

When wearing an animal print or animal-printed accessory, don't over-do it. Pair with basics or solids for a fun pop of color.

As far as the clutches, which is your favorite style?

"It's not really a clutch but I love the little Bowery bag - the crossbody purse - I have been tucking in the straps and wearing it as a clutch. I love that it’s small but big enough where you can still fit all of your essentials, your phone, credit cards, keys."

And so it transitions from day to night seamlessly?


I know that this may be a difficult question because it’s a labor of love, but which style from the Capsule Collection is your personal favorite?

"It's a tie between the Chateau satchel and the Mercer tote. Those are the ones that I have been lugging around New York for the last two months and they’re perfect bags for Fall. I love that I can fit my little laptop in the Mercer tote."

Nicky Hilton rocks her two favorite styles, the Chateau satchel and the Mercer tote. Nicky paired the Mercer tote with a chunky knit sweater and skinny jeans, a perfect style for Fall. 
Nicky Hilton rocks her two favorite styles, the Chateau satchel and the Mercer tote. Nicky paired the Mercer tote with a chunky knit sweater and skinny jeans, a perfect style for Fall. 
Linea Pelle

What is a seasonal must-have in every girl's closet this Fall?

"A great coat. Everyone's been in flip flops and tank tops all Summer and we're all eager to go out and purchase that new Fall jacket. I just got this new, shearling peacoat and I love it!"

At Livingly, we 'Live Life Beautifully.' What makes a woman beautiful?

"I think confidence. Being, you know, happy on the inside - that truly makes you beautiful on the outside. You can see when someone is genuinely happy, it shows."

And we completely agree!!

Shop the entire 'Nicky Hilton x Linea Pelle Capsule Collection' on - available now, worldwide. I especially love the Mercer tote for Fall! Congratulations to Nicky on the launch, we're looking forward to seeing what she comes up with next.

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