What Your Favorite Clothing Item Says About You

Your clothes are like name tags: They tell the world who you are or — better yet — who you want to be.

We don't really think about it too often, but our clothes are more than just the sleeves and buttons we put on our body. They're little name tags that tell the world of who we are, or even better, who we want to be. If I'm being perfectly honest, Real Me isn't the me in her twirly dresses and watermelon colored shorts — Real Me is the one in her decade old high school sweatpants, the ones that are rolled into cuffs as if that helps things on the style front. I'm messy to the point of tears, I hide wine bottles in my closet, and I'm a cat lady without an actual cat. 

This is why I don't wear sweatpants out — I don't want anyone to know my secret shame. So instead I wear flirty maxi dresses and red lipstick like a name tag, letting the world know I'm actually quite put together (the maxi dress) but have a sense of humor about it (the candy-red lipstick). So what does your favorite piece of clothing say about you? Read on and see. 

1. White Collared Shirt

You've got it together. You've had it together... probably since day one. You're the one that opened the lemonade stand at eight years old and then subcontracted the neighborhood kids to run it for you as you vacationed in the sand box. You're the one that actually turned her pencil-sharpening, coffee-running internship into an actual job — three weeks in. And then took your mentor's position. You're the one that got the first grown-up apartment among your friends, the one where you didn't have to beat the radiator with a platform shoe to turn it on. 

You've got it together. And you want all of us to re-evaluate our lives every time we see your crisp, ironed collar. Trust me, we do.

2. Wide Leg Pants

You're traditional, but not. You don't like rocking the boat too much, but you enjoy a good sway and dip now and again. You're the type that likes to stay in on a Friday night to catch up on her laundry, but then could be convinced out on a Thursday, finding herself singing at a blues bar at three in the morning with a Manhattan in her hand and someone's fedora on her head, not entirely sure how she got up on the stage in the first place. 

You know how to walk the fine line, and it's admirable. You've got your bell-bottomed legs straddled a little bit in both worlds.

3. The Crop Top

You've got some youth in you, and it's wild and full of fun. You're the type that has a laugh that sounds the way the sun flashes, and your mood is forever stuck in a perpetual summer. It doesn't matter if it's the dead of February and it looks like the end times are upon us — you pull on your three pair of long johns and still manage to find a summer romance among the puffy coats and abandoned gloves in the bar. Your enthusiasm is contagious, just how you want it to be.

4. Peter Pan Collar Dress

You're as pretty as a sunbeam and just as warm. Images of Friday nights baking cookies and reading Jane Austen novels underneath park trees come to mind, and you enjoy the smaller pleasures in life. Like the way ballet flats sound on pavement, or the way the sun snags on lace curtains in your kitchen window. You're sweet, kind, and the vision of femininity. You're an absolute treat to be around.

5. Black Blazer

You've got that effortless chic Parisian thing about you. Are you sure your grandmother's maiden name wasn't Beaumont? No? You can have messy bangs and wear mom jeans with thrifted boots, and still look like you're part of an emotional silent montage in an indie film. You're always just a little bit mussed, a little tomboyish, and because of it — rather than despite it — you're the most chic and feminine one in the room. 

We fear and respect you all at the same time.

6. Leather Jacket

You're the cool girl we all want to be, but look ridiculous when we try. But you — you pull it off because you're interested in life but casual about it; want more than the usual nine-to-five but don't need to own a record player or Pinterest quote board to do it. You're passionate, but don't brag about it. Curious, but in a quiet way. That and you can make the I-slept-in-my-mascara smudged look intentional. You're a wonder.

7. Mom Jeans

You're quirky, but not in the "I crocheted a couch slip" kind of way. You simply like to try new things and they sometimes lead you down eccentric roads. You don't take life too seriously and don't mind messing up along the way (whether it be buying pants that are a little too baggy in the crotch area, or moving to a new city on a whim) and you know how to find the good in every bad situation. You're an optimist with a vital touch of naivety that makes you want to take these wonderful risks. 

8. Pencil Skirt

You've got elegance, momma. The look of you is like the sound of stilettos clicking across marble. You order glasses of white wine at bars and don't bite your nails. You've got a natural class about you, the kind where you shave your legs even if you don't have to and know your dry cleaner by name. You're effortless, chic, and just a little but intimidating. But in a good way.

9. Maxi Dress

You're sunny, relaxed, and don't feel constricted by too many things in life. Going with the flow works for you, whether it's taking job opportunities as they land at your feet, or going on vacations without planning further than the airport. You've got the mentality that if something goes wrong you can always right it, though sometimes you might find yourself cleaning up more messes than you'd like. But it's all part of life. C'est la vie and all that. If it works for you, keep on doing it. 

Marlen Komar is a writer living in Chicago with a penchant for mom jeans and kimchi tacos, and primarily writes about fashion history. She has bylines in Bustle, CNN Style, Racked, Allure, Curbed, and Apartment Therapy, and rarely stays in one place too long as she travels for most of the year. Website: marlenkomar.com