Alexander McQueen's Fall 2018 Show In Paris Was A Force Of Fashion Nature

Designer Sarah Burton's collection for the major fashion house at Paris Fashion Week was to-die-for.

Alexander McQueen could do no wrong. And if you ask us, designer Sarah Burton's Fall 2018 collection for the major fashion house certainly continued this legacy on Monday evening. If we could sum up the collection in one sentence, we'd say it was the stuff Parisian femme fatale dreams are made of. A true force of fashion nature! 

Guests at Monday's show met with personalized wool sweaters draped over their seats –– undoubtedly welcome after braving the chilly weather, though these jumpers didn't quite make it into the collection.

What did? Picture the label's signature powerhouse femininity, then turn it up several notches. Models sported a gorgeous juxtaposition of satin and leather details, vibrant colors, standout stripes, and structural bodices set against sheer pleated skirts and flowing floral prints. The vast majority sported slicked-back hair with long glossy braids and bold crimson pouts. 

The line was all dark romance, awash with glamorous fetishistic elements. Fashion is, after all, seeing a huge surge in BDSM-inspired elements today. (Adam Rippon in custom Moschino on the Oscars red carpet, anyone? That now-famous harness was actually sewn into his suit.)  

We can't have a conversation about the show without recognizing the powerful exercise in duality that Burton sent down the Paris runway for McQueen. Burton told Elle UK that "the force of femininity is what McQueen has always been about." Yet the way we look at traditional femininity is changing today, not only because of, but largely due to conversations about gender, equality, and a little movement called #MeToo happening on a global scale. 

It's a conversation the talented designer added to when she described the Alexander McQueen woman as a "sensual and powerful muse." Essentially, she can display her fiercest self in a badass leather bodice, but also sit pretty in floaty ethereal chiffon and floral pleats if she wants to. She doesn't have to pick one or the other. She can be all of the above, all at the same damn time.

One thing is for sure, McQueen's Parisian femme fatale checks off all of those boxes, and we are fully here for her.

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