7 Things You Should Have In Your Closet At Any Age

Because style knows no number.

7 Things You Should Have In Your Closet At Any Age

When you're 18 a suit can feel too old, when you're 60 a mini skirt can feel too young, and when you're in between you have a lot of made up rules you sift through that help you to define your wardrobe.

While all those style laws are subjective and can flip on their head during any minute, there are certain pieces that you should have in your closet at any age. They're timeless, can fit any style, and are so versatile they can weather any dramatic style shifts and trend whims. Here are seven things you should have in your closet, no matter your age. 

1. A Good Pair Of Jeans

I'm not talking about a "passable" pair of jeans, or a "comfy-enough' pair of jeans. I'm talking about a booty-hugging, leg sweeping, curve-accenting pair that makes you feel like something out of a Calvin Klein ad every time you strut your way out of your front door. Be patient when trying to find it- it's the equivalent of finding the golden goose. It'll take many attempts and a lot of trial and error, but this is a total must for every woman's wardrobe. 

2. A White Collared Shirt

Whether your style is edgy or minimalist, vintage or preppy, a white collared shirt will go the distance in your wardrobe. It's not stuffy or business-like; rather it's super versatile and will be a work horse if only you let it. You can pop it underneath sweaters or layer it underneath dresses. You can match it with a cardigan or give a leather jacket some polish. It can act as a blank canvas with a busy skirt or give some elegance to a canvas jacket. No matter what your age or style, a white collared shirt will do you proud.

3. A Little Black Dress

This is cliched but true: If you have a LBD, you have a "get out of jail free" card. Not entirely sure what the dress code to a shindig is? Put on a black dress. Want to look fancy to an event but don't want to stick out like a soar thumb? Reach for the black shift. Need to look professional? LBD. Want to look sleek but not like you're trying to hard? You guessed it: your little black dress. It just has so much potential, and doesn't belong to one age group or era. This is something everyone can dabble in and enjoy.

4. A Gorgeous Winter Coat

No matter your age, once winter hits you only get to show off your outfit for about 30% of the day. The rest of the time you're battling through the tundra, trying to finagle the quickest route to your destination.  Because of that, you need to invest in a warm but not Michelin-man looking coat. Go for sleek and tailored, cozy but not marshmallow-like. No matter your age, a timeless coat is necessary in your arsenal. 

5. A Good Leather Purse

Sure you can have a closet-full of little handbags and pretty cross-bodies. But one thing you can't beat is a well-made, all-purpose, leather purse. If you invest in one made with care and skill, you can have that sucker for years and years. That and, no matter your style, event, or outfit, it'll go with absolutely everything. One of those is worth 20 purse splurges. 

6. A Killer Pencil Skirt

It might feel a little Mad Men-y, but a pencil skirt is a tool to have in your closet. It can be dressed up in a pinch, or constructed down with a chambray shirt or a soft cotton tee, and can easily take you everywhere from office hours to Saturday morning grocery shopping. You can class it up with heels, or keep it casual with sneakers, and it can fit your playful mood at 18 and your elegant style at 50. It's a total staple. 

7. A Pair Of Boots 

No matter your age, boots are a complete necessity once pumpkin spice season comes to town. Whether you choose stilettos, booties, or riding boots, those leather shoes in black or brown bring any outfit together. We all know that the shoes can make or break an outfit, so opting to go for a well-made pair with strong accents and lines can elevate any woman's outfit, no matter what stage in life her wardrobe is in. 

Marlen Komar is a writer living in Chicago with a penchant for mom jeans and kimchi tacos, and primarily writes about fashion history. She has bylines in Bustle, CNN Style, Racked, Allure, Curbed, and Apartment Therapy, and rarely stays in one place too long as she travels for most of the year. Website: marlenkomar.com