The Fashion Rules It's OK To Break

Rules are meant to be broken, and none more than these fashion staples. Instantly upgrade your wardrobe and give yourself an edgy look by breaking away from time-honored (and totally outdated) traditions. Time to make your own rebellious style!

The Fashion Rules It's OK To Break

We've all heard these rules. You can only wear white in spring. Don't mix patterns in your outfit. Well, fashionistas everywhere are not only challenging these rules, but throwing them out the window!

With celebs like Kim Kardashian and Rihanna leading the way, now's the time for only the most daring fashions. To stay on the front lines of the fashion world, you've got to be willing to push the envelope and put yourself out there with the newest trends.

This spring is all about breaking the rules. Whether you're mixing pink and orange or rocking your sequined shorts during the day, make sure you're always stylish by giving these rules the boot!

1. No White After Labor Day

The Fashion Rules It's OK To Break
Candy and Cookies

When is it okay to wear white again? Anytime! The old rule says no wearing white after Labor Day, but we think, there is no greater color to make you look like an absolute snow angel in the winter or ready for a day at the beach in summer. Dress up any white outfit with a splash of color (maybe a bold lip or bright heel?), and you're ready to go.

2. Don't Mix Black/Brown/Navy

The Fashion Rules It's OK To Break

Whoever said black and brown or black and navy clash got it dead wrong. Camel brown is a perfect complement to that black dress, and black heels look so chic with a navy dress.

The key to making black and brown work together in harmony? Choose one main color for your ensemble, and use the other color in accent pieces (think purse, belt, shoes).

3. Your Shoes and Belt Must Match

The Fashion Rules It's OK To Break

Sure, having a matching belt and shoe combo is a great way to pull an outfit together, but it is definitely not a hard and fast rule. If you want to add more color and attitude to an otherwise plain outfit, go for a bright belt or two-toned heels. The extra color can instantly turn your look from drab to fierce!

4. With Jewelry, Less Is More

The Fashion Rules It's OK To Break

Less is definitely not more when it comes to bracelets and necklaces! The trend of stacking bracelets has taken off so much it has its own nickname: arm candy.

Try your hand at stacking jewelry with bracelets that complement the colors of your outfit. Necklaces can be a bit trickier. Try finding necklaces of varying lengths and stacking them on top of a low-cut shirt. For rings, take your stacking to a whole new level with these handscapes for inspiration. Voila!

5. No Red Lips/Velvet/Sequins By Day

The Fashion Rules It's OK To Break

Weren't those looks once reserved for nighttime clubbing? Not anymore! There's no better way to say, "I'm a total fashionista," than by adding a dramatic touch to your outfit, and all these fit the bill.

To jazz up that t-shirt and jeans combo, try out a sequined or velvet blazer. Looking for a splash of color on a dull day? Bold red lips set off your face and make your look more sophisticated.

6. Never Mix Patterns

The Fashion Rules It's OK To Break

Sometimes, too many patterns can be distracting, but fashion lovers everywhere have been perfecting the art of clashing patterns to make a rocking outfit. For example, a combo of polka dots and stripes, especially in the same color scheme, can look effortlessly cute and timeless.

7. No Sneakers or Sweats Outside the Gym

The Fashion Rules It's OK To Break

Sneakers have really come up in the world over the past few years, and now the trend of the high-heeled wedge sneaker is upon us! Best-selling brands like Nike are now selling heeled sneakers that celebs are flocking to.

And anyone who's walked into a Victoria's Secret store knows that not all sweats are cheap or meant purely for the sweaty gym. Take those new kicks and lounge pants out on the town! You'll look sporty and casual, but not like you just rolled out of bed.

8. Don't Mix Red, Pink and Orange

The Fashion Rules It's OK To Break
Peave, Love, Shea

The newest trend? Combining bright shades of red, pink and orange in one outfit. Those colors you used to think would clash are now the hottest fashion statement.

If you're looking to stand out in a crowd, it's time to add pink and orange to your closet!

9. Never Wear See-Through Materials

The Fashion Rules It's OK To Break
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Just because an outfit is sheer doesn't mean it has to be scandalous and revealing. Nor does it mean you have to wear a bulky undershirt that completely ruins the look.

Bras today are so cute, they might as well be shown off to the world! You can buy bra tops meant specifically to go under such sheer shirts, or show off one of the cuter items in your lingerie drawer. All it takes is a stylish bra and a bit of attitude.

10. Don't Show Your Midriff

The Fashion Rules It's OK To Break

Since the 90's, we've all been shying away from showing off our tummy area, but the midriff shirt is back in full force! The new trend with these shirts is to wear a high-waisted skirt that hits just a few inches below the shirt, just enough to show skin, but not to make your mother cringe.

Time for some core work, ladies, because you'll definitely be needing one of these shirts for your summer vacation!

11. Don't Mix Jewelry Metals

The Fashion Rules It's OK To Break

Two-tone jewelry goes with everything, and we mean EVERYTHING. Gold and silver jewelry mixed together in harmony looks as classy as can be, and gives you so many more options to choose from.

When rocking your arm candy, mix together all different kinds of materials, from silver to leather, for an edgier look.

12. No Hosiery With Open-Toed Heels

The Fashion Rules It's OK To Break

This rule does make sense in concept (you don't want to show those toe seams, right?), but celebs everywhere have been breaking it left and right! Black tights with black strappy or peep-toed heels look classy, but if you want to add a bit of edge, try pairing black tights with colored peep-toes. It will make the heel color pop even more!

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