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Average height folks will never understand the struggle tall people face when trying to find stylish clothes that fit well. We won't even discuss the added headache of looking for items with ample fashion flair. Yeah, it's hard out here for a tall chick. But have no worries, tall darlings. We're here to guide you on your journey to immaculate style. Here's what to wear if you're tall. Your essential fashion rules await...
All of the glamour, grace, and allure that is executed on the runways seems to make those six months of slaving away in the design studio all worth it. And while the result is beautiful, behind the scenes... it's pure chaos. Whether you're a model or a hair dresser, a blogger or a makeup artist, you'll know just how insane backstage can AND will be at any fashion show.
Wearing a bra was fun when you were 14 because, well, you finally had hooters! Woohoo. But now we're just SO over it. The back fat, the digs, the third boob situation - we've had it with all of them. Here's to being young, free and braless because wearing an over the shoulder boulder holder absolutely sucks.
Head scarves have been a fashion savior for many a bad hair day (also known as the days we just don't care to wash it). There's just something about a patterned silk scarf wrapped around your tresse...
Your clothes are like name tags: They tell the world who you are or — better yet — who you want to be.